Worst Actors Ever Used in a Commercial ?

it HASSSSS to be!

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McDonald’s Used to Give Free Razors Away With the Purchase of Breakfast

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Mother of the year 2012, Warning, Video is Brutal.

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Depression Makes Us Do Crazy Things

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Distracted Woman Falls Onto Subway Tracks with Her Son in Her

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Gravy-Wrestling Model Suffers Horrific Facial Injuries After Being Hit With Monkey Wrench When She Interrupted a Friend Having Sex

A model who became a champion gravy wrestler suffered serious eye damage after being hit in the face with a monkey wrench. Elisa Sampson, 31, was hit in the face by her 'best friend' Sabina English, after arriving back at her home in Rossendale, Lancashire, and finding the single mother having sex with another friend [...]

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Guy Skateboards Holding a Baby and Falls

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The Most Horrifying Thing to Gestate in a Human Womb

It called Duplicata incompleta with caudal regression syndrome This is a case of a 36-year-old G1 P0 who was treated for infertility for the past 16 years. This was her first pregnancy after in vitro-fertilization. It was a twin pregnancy after a transfer of two embryos. Patient went into a preterm labor and delivered at [...]

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My Little Pony Centipede

Why would somebody make this ? Why ? NEW 2012 My little Pony customed to look like The HUMAN CENTIPEDE!:THIS IS NOT A TOY. It is a decorative art display and not intended for children. Please allow 1-2 weeks per delivery. This item may differ from final product due to the fact it is made [...]

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Live Turtles Used As Key Chains In China


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