Bender Joint for the Santa Rosa Hightimes Cup

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CPS Takes Daughter Away from Parents Because they Smoked Weed While She Was Asleep. Daughter Beaten to Death in Foster Home.

ROUND ROCK — He never thought his visit with her Thursday, July 25 would be his last. “We got to sit down at McDonalds and have lunch and play for a while,” said Round Rock resident Joshua Hill. “She got a little ‘Despicable Me 2’ toy in her happy meal and she loved it. She kept climbing up in my lap and she fed me french fries.” But on Monday night, Hill’s daughter Alexandria, or Alex as they liked to call her, was rushed to a Rockdale hospital with severe head injuries, then flown to Scott and White Children’s Emergency Hospital in Temple and immediately placed on life support. Alex was living with foster parents after DFPS removed her from her parent’s home last November for “neglectful supervision.” […]

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Marijuana : The Facts They Don’t Want You To Hear

They lied to us! Weed is good - AC

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Artificial Marijuana Causes Death of Westmoreland Boy

A Westmoreland County boy whose lungs were damaged after smoking artificial marijuana died this morning. Tonya Rice of Tarrs said her son, Brandon, was a "fighter, a real fighter." The 13-year-old Southmoreland eighth-grader lost the fight for his life at 8:21 a.m. today in UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, his mother said. Brandon had a [...]

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Snoop Dogg Mosaic Portrait Made Entirely Out of Marijuana and Hash


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Alligator Found Guarding Marijuana Plants Worth $1.5M

HEMET, Calif. (KABC) -- A pot bust at a Hemet home yielded more than just marijuana to the surprise of narcotics agents. A 4-foot-long, 55-pound American alligator was found in a bathing pool, guarding the more than 2,200 marijuana plants -- worth more than $1.5 million. "If he were to bit somebody, yeah, he could [...]

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Family Feud: Name Something that Gets Passed Around

Comon Steve stop acting so SHOCKED.. I'm sure you've smoked a few in your day.

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Craigslist Fail: Trading Weed For An iPad

Two idiots posted a Craigslist ad hoping to trade a 3rd generation iPod Touch and a 1/4 ounce of weed for a new iPad. They got arrested and will soon be trading their asses for cigarettes in the slammer. The pot was conveniently placed in a jar on a scale, so potential traders--and police--would now [...]

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Doobie Candles

For the Pothead in your life. Doobie Candles

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