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My Little Pony Centipede


Why would somebody make this ? Why ?

NEW 2012 My little Pony customed to look like The HUMAN CENTIPEDE!:THIS IS NOT A TOY. It is a decorative art display and not intended for children. Please allow 1-2 weeks per delivery. This item may differ from final product due to the fact it is made on demand.:::


The Bean Bag Sled


Bean Bag Sled($300) is designed to provide a soft ride.
“This is the soft-riding sled suggestive of riding down a snow-covered slope on a tube-shaped bean bag. Significantly reducing the effect of bumps on the lower back, the sled’s interior has an inflatable air bladder (requires hand pump) surrounded by thousands of 2mm polystyrene spheres-the same filling used in bean bags for lounging. Designed in Italy’s Abruzzo region, its top and sides are made from double-stitched PVC-coated 100% polyester…”

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The Working Pedal Powered Forklift for Kids


This Pedal Powered Forklift($320) looks like a real woking and miniature Forklift! The chassis is made from durable ABS plastic, and the crank powered forks are capable of lifting up to 6 1/2 lbs. It’s limited to kids up to 55-inches. And a maximum riding weight of up to 110 lbs.
“This is the pedal-powered, ride-on version of a Linde 394 forklift that raises and lowers at its driver’s command. Made in Germany, its lifting fork is raised by turning a hand crank and held into place with a locking lever, tilting slightly backward to keep an included plastic 6 1/2 lb.-capacity pallet stable, just like a real forklift. Pedals power the forklift forward and backwards with a precisely engineered chain drive, its integrated eccentric keeps the chain taut for efficient power transfer to the rear axle.”


Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Electric-Paper-Airplane-Conversion-Kit RARE

Paper airplanes are awesome for relieving office boredom, attacking a coworker or sibling, or sending messages around the Ministry of Magic. But sometimes paper airplanes need just a little more oomph – a little more power. Well, the time has come to easily add that extra power with the Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit.

First, make your airplane. Oooo, nice one. Then, you just slip your Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit propeller-stalk thing onto your paper airplane. It clips to the front, with the prop sticking out the back. Hold the battery pack up to the front and enjoy the sound of the propeller motor winding up. After 20 seconds (and don’t do more, or you’ll blow out the capacitor), you’re fully charged and ready for about a minute and a half of awesome, propeller-driven flight time. Get yerself an Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit, and you will be the ruler of the air!

Please Note: Paper for paper airplane is not included. But, c’mon, you can just steal that from work.

Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Add a rechargeable, motor-driven propeller to your paper airplane.
Carbon fiber body – super durable and light weight.
Charge Time: 20 seconds.
Flight Time: approx. 90 seconds per charge.
Batteries: 3 AA (not included).
Dimensions: approx. 7.25″ long.


South Park Mini Dead Kenny Vinyl Art Toy at Kidrobot

kenny small

As we ponder the age-old question, “Who killed Kenny?” once again, it’s only fitting that South Park’s favorite kill-off character come back to “life” as a vinyl art toy through a collaborative effort between the folks at South Park and Kidrobot. This 3-inch Mini Dead Kenny figure wears the many scars of his continual departures from this earth with a cracked skull, black and blues, scratches and an arm ripped off to the bone.

The South Park Dead Kenny figure will be available to purchase on July 21, 2011 from Kidrobot for $10.95.

Sphero, A Robotic Ball Controlled by a Smartphone

sphero-robot RARE

Sphero is a robotic ball that is controlled by a smartphone. Currently under development by Orbotix in Boulder, the robot can be tethered to a device via Bluetooth and controlled through a variety of apps. Orbotix has released a video showing Sphero on the move. It is set to be released later this year.

Miley Cyrus Sex Doll

Miley cyrus sex doll RARE

Can’t be tamed is right!

As if Miley Cyrus didn’t have enough to worry about, now she’s got a dirty doppelganger on the market.

An inflatable Miley Cyrus sex doll named “Finally Mylie” from Pipedream Products has reportedly become such a hot ticket item that stores can’t meet the demand.

Pipedream Products’ Kevin Johnson says of the doll, “We are completely sold out already — it’s been on the market for less than 48 hours.”

While the doll, which comes with “3 achey love holes,” hasn’t caused a legal battle yet, Pipedream is preparing for a backlash.

“I have seen those [lawsuit] rumors circling online,” says Johnson. “That probably means it will happen soon enough.”

Although being immortalized in latex probably isn’t the legacy Cyrus intended on leaving behind, at least she’s in good company: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson have all received the same treatment.


2010 World Yoyo Contest

This is a video of Jensen Kimmitt wins the the 2010 World YoYo Contest with his new signature yo-yo the NORTHSTAR by YoYoFactory.