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60 Minutes Preview – Steve Jobs (Delayed Cancer Treatment for Magicial Thinking)

New 60 Minutes explains how Jobs Delayed Cancer treatment hoping to be cured by "Magical Thinking"

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An Animated History of the iPhone

CNET UK Presents: History of the iPhone, dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs from Drew Stearne on Vimeo.

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Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

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Apple Files Patent for 3D IPhone

Apple filed a patent filing suggesting it may be considering 3D image and video recording technology for a new iPhone, signaling the company's intentions to compete with Android handsets on new technology. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company filed an application titled “Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors” this week with the [...]

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AC-Hello, Good Morning (directed by Dan Meyers) VIDEO

Yeah, we just walked through the apple store like we owned the place, I jumped in the fountain and got my Orisue Jeans wet.. All for the love of music..Send the Scouts Out, COMING SOON !. Be afraid .. be very afraid.. Shout out to the guerilla Dan Meyers and my brother Joedog..

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Now you can have your own little apple product announcement on your desktop at home anytime when ever you want, just click on the papercraft patten to make it go bigger and print it out then wait 3 or 4 weeks and wonder what it's going to be before making it and be a little [...]

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