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Millennium Falcon Bed

This is the $4,000 Millennium Falcon cockpit bed available from Pottery Barn. The bed, which is made from quality hardwood (not particleboard), is handpainted and finished, but sadly only available in twin-size (and $4,000). Cool! “Twin: 45.5″ wide x 108.25″ long x 45.5″ high” Source […]

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You Are the Father

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Star Wars Themed Version of Operation Game


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A Chewbacca Made Outta Pasta

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Chewbacca Dog

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Darth Vader on a Mac

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Star Wars AT-AT Baby Stroller

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Star Wars Foosball Table Made Of Lego Is Fully Playable

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This is What Happens When One Director Out Grosses Another

This is a piece of artwork that George Lucas purchased as a full-page ad in Variety for James Cameron when Titanic surpassed Star Wars to be the highest grossing movie of all time in 1997. Lucas and Spielberg had previously exchanged similar ads when Star Wars beat out Jaws and E.T. MOVE FORWARD TO SEE THOSE […]

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Star Wars Adidas Commercial

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