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Man Uses His Leg as Anaconda Bait

Skip to like 2:10 if you want to see the action right away.

Snakes Found in Toronto Toilet, Wall


..A Toronto man went for a bathroom break and ended up with a bathroom snake on Tuesday night.

Ramdat Punwassie lifted his toilet lid at about 10 p.m. Tuesday to find a one-metre-long python coiled up inside the bowl and looking back at him.

A native of Guyana, Punwassie has seen his share of big snakes in his home country and told CBC News he wasn’t scared at the discovery.

Instead he simply shut the bathroom door and made a quick call to 911.

“I didn’t want to take chances,” Punwassie told CBC’s Lorenda Reddekopp on Wednesday. “I close the door and call for help. I see [snakes] in my country. This is the first time I see it here.”

Help arrived at the apartment building on Woolner Avenue — located near Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue West — in the form of two Toronto police officers. Very carefully they removed the python, which had by then made its way into Punwassie’s bathtub. The snake is now under the care of the city’s animal services department.

The same police officers who carried the snake out of Punwassie’s apartment had about nine hours earlier removed a corn snake of a similar size from another apartment in a different building, but on the same block of Woolner Avenue.

“Tenants found a snake had come through the wall. It was a three-foot corn snake,” Staff Sgt. Leslie Hildred told CBC News.

Police said neither snake was venomous, and they aren’t sure if the two snakes came from a common source.

“Like finding a stray dog, now we’re finding stray snakes,” said Hildred.

One tenant in Punwassie’s building was unnerved by the thought of a snake slithering anywhere near her apartment.

“It’s not nice for me. I was living in Ottawa, I feel like going back,” she said.

Glenford Miller lives in a building adjacent to Punwassie’s. He’s also glad the snake didn’t make an appearance in his building.

“A python? I can’t image. Maybe I would have a heart attack to see something like that,” he said.

Police said the snakes will be turned over to a reptile zoo if the owners can’t be located.


Asian Airport Scan Uncovers 40 Snakes On A Plane

Snakes on a Plane

Two Kuwaitis have been arrested in Indonesia for attempting to smuggle 40 pythons on board an aircraft in their luggage, airport officials say.

Yaqub Ebrahim and Ali Hasan, the suspects, were caught on Friday at Jakarta’s international airport as they attempted to carry the sedated serpents on board an Emirates Airline flight from Jakarta to Dubai.

“From many foiled cases, people often use the flights to Dubai to smuggle illegal animals,” Salahudin Rafi, operational and technical director at airport operator Angkasa Pura II, said in an emailed statement to the AFP news agency.

He said the suspects usually sedate the animals so officers could not detect them. The two men were attempting to enter the departure area, but airport X-ray machines showed that their bags were filled with snakes.

“For the sake of flight safety and security, no animals are allowed to be brought onto aircraft without permission and special handling. Especially pythons, which are considered as wild animals,” Rafi said.

The two suspects were questioned by airport authorities and the pythons were taken to the animal quarantine centre at the airport.

The men told investigators that they planned to sell the pythons to collectors in the United Arab Emirates. If charged with attempting to carry wild animals on board the plane, they could face up to seven years in jail and a $32,000 fine.

In December, police at Abu Dhabi’s airport stopped a passenger who passed through an Indonesian airport carrying a box containing four snakes, two parrots and a squirrel.