Man Uses His Leg as Anaconda Bait

Skip to like 2:10 if you want to see the action right away.

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Snakes Found in Toronto Toilet, Wall

..A Toronto man went for a bathroom break and ended up with a bathroom snake on Tuesday night. Ramdat Punwassie lifted his toilet lid at about 10 p.m. Tuesday to find a one-metre-long python coiled up inside the bowl and looking back at him. A native of Guyana, Punwassie has seen his share of big [...]

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Asian Airport Scan Uncovers 40 Snakes On A Plane

Two Kuwaitis have been arrested in Indonesia for attempting to smuggle 40 pythons on board an aircraft in their luggage, airport officials say. Yaqub Ebrahim and Ali Hasan, the suspects, were caught on Friday at Jakarta's international airport as they attempted to carry the sedated serpents on board an Emirates Airline flight from Jakarta to [...]

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