Drake – Hotline Bling ( Saved by the Bell Remix )

She used to call him on his huge cellphone. Drake - Hotline Bling ( Saved by the Bell Remix ) from RareUnlimited on Vimeo.

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AC – Just Checking In

Something new. Shout to E40, had to remix this.

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Sam Smith Ft. AC – Stay With Me ( Remix )

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Rare Unlimited at Comic Con 2013

Whats up people, had another great experience at New York Comic con courtesy of the good folks at NYCC NYC. Please visit the website to keep in touch and buy ticketsHere. This is an awesome event, packed with unbelievable cosplay, great games, exclusive comics and the atmosphere is unlike any event in the tri-state area. Check some of our pictures below. – AC […]

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Slim & AC – Control Too ( You Took That Janet Shit Too Far )

They're Baaaaaack. New Slim & AC !

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Jesus Christ Promotes AC’s New Album

My homeboy Jesus tells everyone about my new album "Courtesy of a Nightmare" available on iTunes now!! BUY A COPY If Jesus loves it .. It's GOTTA BE GOOD .. no ?

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It Won’t Break Us Down (feat. Rilgood, Michelle Bernhardt, Mykel Coppola, AC, Heat Scalese, J.Roe, Legasey, Smooth City & Sergio Ramos)

I got a call from my boy Sergio Ramos a while back about a Hurricane Sandy Tribute Track. He wanted to feature a artist from all the affected areas and asked me to represent Staten Island. I love the way the song came out, everyone showed a lot of passion and I am happy to be a part of something that could potentially help rebuild a fucked up house. Bad weather sucks, Good music is better. Listen and buy it. All proceeds go towards Hurricane Relief. Thanks -AC […]

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Rapper Eric Sosa Parties with The RARE Koala

src="" alt="" title="EricSosaRareunlimited" width="605" height="573" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-8844" /> ERIC SOSA'S INSTAGRAM

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Rare Unlimited at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Courtesy of Metlife

On Thanksgiving Day I had the pleasure attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade VIP style. My uncle works for Metlife and hooked me up with the best view imaginable. I just want to Thank Metlife and My Uncle Louis Osorio for getting me out of the crowds and into a comfortable boardroom to take these pictures. Enjoy ! […]

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AC’s Album Release Party for Courtesy of a Nightmare November 12th at Greenhouse NYC

It's going down tonight Monday Nov 12th at Greenhouse NYC. The official release party for my new album "Courtesy of a Nightmare" all beats dreamt up by C4 Sinistah. Join me and enjoy an open bar from 10:30-11:30. Walk this Way and Rareunlimited Presents... A Burn it Down Group and The Life NYC Event... 10:00pm [...]

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