IPad Rocking Chair

The iPad Rocking Chair has a built-in generator that transforms each rock into power, and charges the iPad or iPhone via its dock. Supposedly, one hour of rocking will get an iPad up to 35% of a full charge. It also equipped with a pair of 25-watt speakers built into the back of the chair. [...]

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Heart Umbrella

The Heart Umbrella is a must have for Valentine's Day or any special anniversary for your sweetheart. The umbrella looks like a giant red heart when it's opened. Get yours and share it with your sweetheart in the rain, or use it to express your love for her. It must be romantic! BUT IT HERE

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Albert Einstein Historic 1954 “God Letter” Going for 3 Mill on Ebay

If you have 3 mill laying around you can buy this letter from the smartest dude who ever lived. Shout to the dude Se for the find. This private letter expresses views never meant for public consumption by of one of the most prolific minds of modern times on the subjects of God, religion and [...]

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Koala Swims Across to Some People in a Canoe

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RARE Picture of Chevy Chase and John Belushi

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Albino Animals

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Rare White Kiwi Survives Surgery

The world's only known white kiwi has survived surgery to remove stones from her gizzard, reports a New Zealand Wildlife Centre. Over a week ago, rangers noted that Manukura, the six-month-old chick, was off her food. X-rays revealed that two large stones were obstructing the chick's guts. In two separate operations, vets at Wellington Hospital [...]

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Little Person Shows You How to Move

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Rare Koala Eats an Apple

This is why Koala's are the Boss of the animal kingdom..send your cool Koala Video and Pics to

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A Very Retro Christmas from Rare

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