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Cashmere – All This Love (Music Video)

Music Producer Tristan “Cashmere” Dixon is always looking to experiment and declared to do something different in the hip-hop world for 2013. In his new Song “All This Love” he incorporated Hip-Hop with R&B over an alternitive acoustic guitar style beat. This video was shot in Coney Island off of Stillwell a few weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit. Prayers goes out to those impacted.


NEW ALBUM ! AC – Courtesy of a Nightmare NOW Available on ITunes


Controversial..Repulsive..Offensive… or just down right brilliant ? New York rapper, AC, is at it again. The self proclaimed “Marketing Genius” has announced his new album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” exclusively produced by beatsmith C4 Sinistah will be released digitally on Halloween, October 31st. With projects under his belt like “Attack of the Blogs” and “911 in Retrospect” AC has never been off with his timing and this go around is no different. Be prepared..this album is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.


AC feat. Uness – Can You Imagine [Narrated by Steve Jobs] prod. by C4 Sinistah


Can you imagine ?
Can you imagine the bottom feeders weren’t waiting for a hand out ?
Can you imagine if we spent more time creating and less time borrowing ?
Can you imagine we didn’t point fingers to make a point?
AC’s third leak off his new album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” is inspiring to say the least. Fearless and painfully truthful lyrics mixed a smooth chorus by pop sensation Uness, makes this MUST HAVE. Add some famous Steve Jobs quotes to some rough background music provided by C4 Sinistah and you have a winner.

Now “Look at pictures of the towers and imagine there was no Religion”





AC’s new album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” will be available for purchase on Oct 31st 2012
on ITunes and http://rareunlimited.bandcamp.com


*SECOND LEAK*AC-About No One ft. TekNeek (produced by Mental Instruments)

Here is the second leak entitled “About No One” (prod. by Mental Instruments) off of my new BuzzTape
“Send the Scouts Out.” Available July 15th 2010. Tekneek kills a catchy hook that is sure to get stuck in your head for the rest of the week. Mental Instruments, the team who is fresh off producing Young Money’s smash hit “Roger that”, come correct with a banging track. Enjoy!!!

“It prolly hurts to find out that you got dropped from your label, I can’t wait until you fall off the face of the earth”