19-year-Old Inventor Finds Way to Clean Up the World’s Oceans in Under 5 Years Time

Previously the idea of cleaning up the world’s oceans with their vast accumulations of disposed plastic material was considered an impossibility. Now a 19-year-old inventor says he and his foundation has a way to clean up the world’s oceans, and not only does he say we can do it, but that we can do it in five years time and produce a profit from it. It is called the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ or sometimes the “Pacific Trash Vortex”, and it is a massive collection of plastic particles accumulating in the Pacific. Other oceans have their own collections of plastic wastes as well; furthermore, most of the debris in our oceans are plastic materials that accounts for approximately 90% of all the waste debris. […]

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Ten Things I Learned About the Sea

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Japanese Nuclear Workers Pump 10,000 Tons Of Radioactive Water From Plant Into Ocean

Japanese authorities were forced Monday to dump 10,000 tons of radioactive water into the ocean in a desperate bid to st@bilize a crippled nuclear plant. The facility's operator said it was necessary to release water contaminated with low-level radiation because they needed to make space for even more highly toxic water. "We have no choice [...]

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New See Through Boats

Glass-bottom boats are nothing new on scenic tours, but with a see-through canoe you can go wherever you want and have a personal up-close view of whatever is below you. Lighter than a wood or aluminum canoe, tough as bullet-proof glass and entirely transparent on the bottom, these designs provide a completely new way to [...]

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