Cowboys and Chargers Fans Fight

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Raven Fan Flips Out After Missed Kick

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QB Chad Pennington Tears ACL During Pick Up Basketball Game

Yet another setback for Former Dolphins Quarterback Chad Pennington. The one-time NFL comeback player of the year tore his ACL during a pick-up basketball game. Pennington's career has been plagued by multiple surgeries, most notably his shoulder, which he recently tore last season with the Dolphins. His contract with the team is expired. If this [...]

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Top 10 Multi-Sport Athletes

10 Michael Jordan MJ's brief dalliance in the Chicago White Sox farm system is generally regarded as a failure. Compared to his stellar basketball career, it was. But how many 31-year-olds do you know that could drop into Double-A baseball after not having swung a bat since high school and still hold their own in [...]

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NFL PLayoff Picture as of Week 16

And of course LETS GO JETS!!

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Chargers Fan Reaction After Losing to Raiders In Week 5

This is how I would have acted if the Yankees lost to the Twins first round.

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Heat Scalese at the Jets vs. Bengals Playoff Game Last Year

I was suppose to be at this game with Heat and the Family. Looks Crazy.. Check out the footage. Jets Won 24-14 (for the record) Heat Scalese at the NFL Playoff game in Cincinnati reppin' for his NY JETS! Filmed this video pre-kickoff of the Jets vs. Bengals game in the playoffs! Some bengals fans [...]

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Top 5 Most hated NFL Quarter Backs

According to GrezyNclean... 5) Eli Manning Why is he here? - So just how many football fans smiled when Eli went down a week ago only to sit back in disgust as the possible death assault only came out to be a minor injury? Like all little brothers with award winning and record breaking older [...]

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The Jet Report (AFC Championship Edition)

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The Jet Report (Wild Card Edition)

Check out my boys dissecting Saturdays Jets wild card game vs. the Bengals.. We now know the Jets advanced , this is interesting never the less

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