Life at the Bottom: The Prolific Afterlife of Whales

Long Read, but worth it if you into whales n shit. -AC On a routine expedition in 1987, oceanographers in the submersible Alvin were mapping the typically barren, nutrient-poor seafloor in the Santa Catalina Basin, off the shore of southern California. On the final dive of the trip, the scanning sonar detected a large object [...]

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Methuselah Tree (Oldest Living Tree) Location Kept Secret to Protect It

The tree grows at 2,900–3,000 m (9,500–9,800 ft) above sea level in the "Methuselah Grove" in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest within the Inyo National Forest. Methuselah's exact location is undisclosed as a protection against vandalism. PRODUCT PAGE

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Large Massive Vortex Tornado In Oklahoma

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Nature by Numbers

Nature by Numbers

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