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Rigged? Destroying Basketball… 2012 NBA Finals Flops and Refereeing in Favor of Miami Heat. Part 1


A Quick Thought About the Ozzie Guillen Situation


A quick thought about the Ozzie Guillen situation. I don’t know how anyone can be offended about another persons opinion of someone else. So what ? he killed people now cant like him ? I mean, you can argue that it doesn’t say much about me as a person if I decide to support such a notorious figure, but that too would be an opinion. For arguments sake, let’s say you were childhood friends with Hitler. I mean close friends, like ya moms knew each other , you would go over each others house and play SEGA, sleep over and eat Totinos pizzas. Then something happens to this kid, he slips shaving and ends up with a lil mustache and a Jewish bully steals his bike or whatever and he decides to kill everyone. As his childhood friend, you not gonna be happy that he’s killing everyone, but are you just gonna end your friendship because of that ? It’s not like he killed you, and he still sends you tickets to events and what not since he’s famous now. I’m just saying, there’s a lot of fucked up people in our own families that we still support. Look at this pic of Lebron and Wade…. their excuse ” He sends us cigars” – AC

LeBron Bumps Erik Spolestra

Trouble in Paradise