Little Girl Steals an iPad

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CTA Digital iPotty


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Man’s 5 Year Old Daughter Calls Him Fat

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The Muppet Hats


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Awkward Answer On Children’s Game Show

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Kid Chases Otters at the Aquarium

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Gabriel Angelo Performs Trumpet on the Streets To Pay For Education

Gabriel Angelo is a 12 year old trumpet enthusiast who earns the money for his music school by performing on the streets of San Francisco. …He plays on the streets to earn money for his music lessons at the S.F. Conservatory of Music and Berkeley Jazz School. And when you see him out there just [...]

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Hippo Farts and Shits All Over the Place at the Zoo

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Kids Getting Shot in a Movie

This is crazy, what was the director thinking?!?! It's from Troma's "Beware: Children at Play" (1989) (DVD:

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Breast Feeding Doll For Kids

From the Official Website God supports The Breast Milk Baby Last week Berjuan Toys, launched the world’s first breastfeeding doll, “The Breast Milk Baby” into the U.S. market. The doll lets young girls express their love and affection in the most natural way possible, by simulating natural nursing. According to Dennis Lewis, U.S. spokesman for [...]

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