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Hublot $3 Million Big Bang Watch

3 Million Dollar Watch 1

2 million euros or 3 million usd will get you this watch.This year’s explosion in the watch industry comes from Hublot’s big bang baguette diamond covered 18k white gold Big Bang tourbillon watch. This follows up the Million Dollar Bing Bang from a few years ago that used black diamonds. The $3 Million Big Bang has around 142 carats of diamonds all over the case, dial, and bracelet. Most of them are large baguette-cut stones and they look marvelous.

The 18k white gold bracelet is stunning with all the diamonds. There is a blinding amount of “bling bling”, and that is just what Hublot was going for. The watch speaks as much to other brands as it does consumers about Hublot’s market stance. Inside the watch is an in-house made caliber HUB 6003 manually wound tourbillon movement with off-centered time display. Pieces like this are made to order for the right type of people. This isn’t the type of watch you can just walk around in. Though at the right social event, the guy wearing the diamond encrusted Hublot that sells for an obscene price might have his taste and sanity questioned, but certainly not his success.


Til Death Do Us Part Ring

Til Death Do Us Part Ring” by Kate Bauman.
“Why have one engagement ring when you can have 4?”