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It Won’t Break Us Down (feat. Rilgood, Michelle Bernhardt, Mykel Coppola, AC, Heat Scalese, J.Roe, Legasey, Smooth City & Sergio Ramos)


I got a call from my boy Sergio Ramos a while back about a Hurricane Sandy Tribute Track. He wanted to feature a artist from all the affected areas and asked me to represent Staten Island. I love the way the song came out, everyone showed a lot of passion and I am happy to be a part of something that could potentially help rebuild a fucked up house. Bad weather sucks, Good music is better. Listen and buy it. All proceeds go towards Hurricane Relief. Thanks -AC

Staten Island Artist / Humanitarian NYOIL Visits Midland Beach After Hurricane Sandy


Shout to my brother NYOIL. That guy is always out there spreading the truth and helping the community. I was out in Midland and New Dorp beach handing out food this past Saturday. It is NOT GOOD in SI right now. Please donate, there are a lot people that can use your help. Watch the video .. Peace

Empty New York City Timelapse


Best Hurricane Sandy News Bloopers

Best Hurricane Sandy News BloopersRARE