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Sam Smith Ft. AC – Stay With Me ( Remix )

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Lil Wayne Has Run Out of F*cks to Give

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Mala Reignz ft. Emanny – Make You Smile (Official Video)

Shout out to Mala.. Dope video

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Faith in Humanity..Restored

The magic of music.. Two people who have never met performing on an NYC subway for a full car. Sweet! Shorty can rap too. I like this.

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Sha Stimuli & Rhythm J Team Up for New York Knicks Playoff Anthem

Shout out to Sha.. He is a friend of mine.. I'm feeling this record, as you all know I am big Knicks fan.. Bring on Miami first round. -A

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Uness ft. AC – Don’t You Know (Prod. by Uness) *RAREUNLIMITED EXCLUSIVE*


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Kurupt – All In Time feat. Joy Luv prod. by J-Glaze (Music Video)

Directed by John Colombo

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