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Wine Ice Cream


Welcome to Wine Ice Cream USA Distributors’ Web site. This site will introduce you to Mercer’s Dairy newest ice cream and existing product lines.

We have begun to reach out and sell this amazing product online. At this time our main focus is to bring Mercer’s Dairy newest product; Wine Ice Cream to you. This product is so special Mercer’s Dairy had to patented it because, it’s the only wine infused ice cream in the world. The blending of 12% butter fat and 5% alcohol by volume giving it several national and international tasting awards. Each pint has the equivalent of a 6 ounce glass of wine. Mixing a heavenly ice cream flavor and taste with heaven’s drink (wine) of choice. That might be streatching it a bit. But we challenge you to decide for yourself. We believe it. Mercer’s combination of six different flavors of gourmet ice cream and premium wines, makes it, one of the best adult premium ice cream tasting products manufactured in the world.

Each state has classified Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream differently; some say it’s a food, some say it’s an alcohol beverage! Please take a minute and send us an email to us at: info@wineicecreamUSA.com and see how your state has classified this amazing new Adult Gourmet Ice Cream dessert.


Parody Cereal Boxes Placed on Grocery Store Shelves



Split Decision Pie Pans


Make two sweet halves at once – think apple and blueberry — to add variety to your dessert selection, or make one savory and one sweet. The ingenious Split Decision Pie Pan($20) includes two inserts for creating either a traditional full size pie, or two halves.

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Buttered Pancake Floor Pillows


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Snoballimus Prime & Chocwave Transformers Hostess Cupcakes

hostessCupcake RARE


Instagram Homemade Graham Crackers

Instagramcookie  RARE

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Cookie Chart Shows Breakdown of Types of Girl Scout Cookies Sold



Tactical Sammiches and Bacon, Shelf Stable For Years After Apocalypse

tactical_canned_bacon-1 RARE

In addition to a fine array of AR-15 assault rifle variants, CMMG makes Tactical Sammiches, shelf stable sandwiches that can be stored for up to 2 years. If that’s not shelf stable enough, their Tac Bac bacon lasts for 10 years. Either are perfect, when paired with one of CMMG’s M4 carbines, as a light post-apocalyptic lunch. ThinkGeek sells both tactical snacks and created a video promoting Tactical Sammiches. ThinkGeek does not sell M4 carbines.

Banana Peel acts as a Jello Mold

Jello banana RARE

SandeeA. reasoned that a banana peel, if properly sealed, could function as a jello mold. So she filled a few with strawberry gelatin made from real strawberries. Yummy!