Man Vs. Monkey

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Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama – One Of the Craziest Blow for Blow Matches I’ve Ever Seen

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AC performs at W.O.W Wrestling Event with Sonjay Dutt feat. Marty Jannetty (VIDEO)

I appeared at the Warriors of Wrestling-Full Throttle event this past weekend.( I recently recorded a new theme for Sonjay Dutt ( ). He invited me down to perform it and walk him to the ring. I thought i was just the performer, I didn't know I'd be part of the mayhem. Check it [...]

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Big Brawl on Las Vegas Strip

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Fat Kid Power Bombs Bully

We've heard a lot about bullying recently. It's a big problem -- and one video that's been making the rounds on the internet is really highlighting how bad it can get. A boy who is overweight has been bullied by another kid, then one day, he gets fed up and fights back. The bigger kid [...]

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Teens Fight at Taco Place

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Brawl at IHOP and Chuck E Cheese


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World Series Fight in McDonald’s After Giants vs Rangers

Imagine if you're starving and just trying to get a Number 1 with a back up nuggets as this is going on.. Fucking Maroon Cartoons.. smh Fake Beef.. I'm Loven It

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Old Man Kicks the Shit Out of Some Dude on the Bus

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