LED Stilettos (Light Up Heels)

LED Stilettos, by Entourage Red. Product Page

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Horse Hoof Shoes

Horse Hoofs Shoes by Berlin based artist and designer Iris Schieferstein.

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Get An Ecko Tattoo, Get 20% Off For Life

But Ecko Unlimited just took the marketing game up a few notches by giving any of their extremely loyal customers the chance to get their logo inked on them in exchange for a lifetime 20% discount off any merchandise. Now undoubtedly, some Ecko fanatic will partake in the festivities, so the next step is to [...]

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Columbia Heated Jacket

The Electro Amp Parka($900) heated jacket from Columbia. The jacket has carbon fiber strands that are designed to feel like fabric while they conduct heat from the jacket’s battery pack. A charge (via USB) will give you up to five hours of heat. SOURCE

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Diesel Be Stupid Campaign


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Bape Dining Room Table

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The Gameboy Tube Dress

I would totally play her. PURCHASE HERE

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Buy Some Hot Kicks, Help Haiti

My people over at Culture Shoq put up an auction for these Unreleased Asics .. All the proceeds go to help the relief effort in Haiti.. THIS IS AN AUCTION TO RAISE MONEY AND HELP HAITI AFTER A HORRIBLE EARTHQUAKE TOOK PLACE. MANY ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF AID AND HOPEFULLY THESE ASICS WILL HELP [...]

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A Jacket with an Inflatable Hood

A jacket with an inflatable hood, called Never Stop A rolling Stone, by Rahel Ritchie. The jacket is fashion and function for travellers that wear it, and go sleeping wherever you has gone, but first blowing the hood up. Protection from bruising the head while resting the head on the window of cars or airplanes. [...]

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