Worst Prediction of the Year on ?

LOL..I've seen some bad ones, but this prediction by Bryan Toporek is pretty bad. -AC Coach of the Year: Mike Brown, Los Angeles Lakers I'm picking Mike Brown for this award for one reason and one reason only: I'm expecting the Los Angeles Lakers to be really, really good in 2012-13. With Dwight Howard reportedly [...]

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Treadmill Fails Compilation

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New York Giants Website Declares them “Superbowl Champions” a Day Early

I am a Jets fan so I really would hate it if the Patriots won. However, shit like shit makes me want the Giants to lose.

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#Hurricane Fail

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Punch the Bag FAIL

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Craigslist Hook-up FAIL

They got this lame good!

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Fail Compilation Video For December 2010

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Superman FAIL

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Titanic 2 (Trailer)

Biggest Fail in Movie History ??

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Twitter Fail Whale Cake

Mariana Pugliese designed the cake

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