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Grumpy Cat’s First Comic Con

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Rare Unlimited at Comic Con 2013

Whats up people, had another great experience at New York Comic con courtesy of the good folks at NYCC NYC. Please visit the website to keep in touch and buy ticketsHere. This is an awesome event, packed with unbelievable cosplay, great games, exclusive comics and the atmosphere is unlike any event in the tri-state area. Check some of our pictures below. – AC […]

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RAREUNLIMITED Invades Comic Con NYC (Part 1)

AC visits Comic Con NYC and runs a muck. Interviewing various video game characters, scoping the scene for hot colored hair gamer girls and even getting into a fight with Actor Seth Green. Check it out leave a comment and make sure you visit for the coolest shit.

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Seth Green is a Dick at Comic Con NYC (EXCLUSIVE)

I was taping B roll for the site, when the little shrimp Seth Green walks by. I turn camera to him to say What Up, he hits the camera. I immediately see a hilarious opportunity to see him angry. A confrontation ensues and I tell him to stay home and remind him he is at [...]

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Plants vs. Zombies Costume

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