No Neck Urkle Dance Dude is Back ,Teaches You How to Dougie

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Snoop Dogg Confirms Charlie Sheen Collaboration

UPDATE: Snoop tells George Lopez his song with Charlie Sheen and Rob Patterson should hit the masses in less than a week. UPDATE: (4/01) According to Snoop Dogg, his collaboration with Charlie Sheen and Filters Rob Patterson should be released before the end of next week. During an interview with George Lopez, where Snoop laughed [...]

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Desperate Chick Leaves the Most Pathetic Voice Mail Message in History

I kInda wanna see what she looks like now.. If she's really hot, I might be able to put up with her for a night or two. -AC

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Hey Ol Guy, Whatcha Looking At ?? This is the Apple Store, Not the Time Nor Place for That

Old dude looking at porn in the apple store.

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2 Babys Have a Conversation

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60 Things in 60 Seconds

I could think of one thing i could do that will take me 60 seconds...

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Eminem and Lil Wayne on SNL (SKIT)

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Eric’s World TV-Stylin’ On You

Brand new laughs from my homie Eric from Eric's world TV..featuring celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie Eric gets up and coming celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie to style him for a party. Little does he know that Ugo has something special in mind for him to wear in an attempt to get revenge for his friend.

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Multiple Santa Clause Gif

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NEW ERICS WORLD TV – Suit Yourself : A Public Service Announcement

Shout out to Eric and my boy N.Middz.. You guys are doing some funny shit.. How important is your appearance? If you wear a baggy ass Steve Harvey looking suit to a job interview, the reactions you'll get are wildly different than showing up in a well fitted suit. Watch as Eric both attracts and [...]

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