If Coffee Commercials Were Honest

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Iced Coffee Challenge

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II Tiro Espresso Gun

The il Tiro Espresso Gun is an espresso machine design concept inspired by a revolver pistol (see the video demo.) It rather artfully achieves the convenience of a capsule espresso machine without the packaging waste, and as a bonus it looks like a giant anime handgun. The il Tiro was a semester project by Stefan [...]

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British Team Constructs Coffee-Powered Car

For the coffee drinkers out there, how many cups does it take you to get through a typical workday? For many, loading up on coffee is about the equivalent of putting gas in a car. The longer you want to stay productive, the more you need to ingest. Now what if you actually tried to fuel your car with the stuff? Apparently you can, but you’ll need more than a few cups to get you through the day. A team at the BBC1 science show Bang Goes The Theory took an old ‘88 Volkswagen Scirocco and modified it to run off of coffee grounds. Now before you get too excited about running a car off of a cup of Joe, you’ll have to consider the fact that it’ll take the equivalent of 56 espressos just to travel a single mile. To further break that down, it’ll cost roughly 50 times more than simply using gas. Needless to say, this is one of those projects that was done “because they could” and not because it was practical. The team is also using it to try and raise awareness on using alternative fuels. SOURCE Move Ahead to see how it works […]

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