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Jesus Christ Promotes AC’s New Album

My homeboy Jesus tells everyone about my new album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” available on iTunes now!!


If Jesus loves it .. It’s GOTTA BE GOOD .. no ?

AC’s Album Release Party for Courtesy of a Nightmare November 12th at Greenhouse NYC


It’s going down tonight Monday Nov 12th at Greenhouse NYC. The official release party for my new album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” all beats dreamt up by C4 Sinistah. Join me and enjoy an open bar from 10:30-11:30.

Walk this Way and Rareunlimited Presents…
A Burn it Down Group and The Life NYC Event…

10:30-11:30PM Open Bar

Greenhouse NYC
150 Varick St.
New York, NY

Music By
Dj Klutch
Dj Finesse
Stdium Status
Dj Concept
Mickey Knox

Performances by
Eric Sosa
Ali Vegas
G. Blanco
Heat Scalese

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NEW ALBUM ! AC – Courtesy of a Nightmare NOW Available on ITunes


Controversial..Repulsive..Offensive… or just down right brilliant ? New York rapper, AC, is at it again. The self proclaimed “Marketing Genius” has announced his new album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” exclusively produced by beatsmith C4 Sinistah will be released digitally on Halloween, October 31st. With projects under his belt like “Attack of the Blogs” and “911 in Retrospect” AC has never been off with his timing and this go around is no different. Be prepared..this album is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.