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A Perfect Breakfast Meets Slow Motion Mayhem

Breakfast Mayhem RARE

“Breakfast Interrupted” is a whimsical slow motion ode to breakfast. The video begins with luscious imagery of a lavish breakfast spread, before slow motion mayhem begins at the 25 second mark. “Breakfast, Interrupted” is the creation of Bruton Stroube Studios, a St. Louis production company with a focus on food and beverage commercials. They’ve also posted a making of video for the slow mo curious.


EZ Cracker Egg Separator Holds the Shells

The EZ Cracker Egg Separator makes cooking eggs simple and easy…errr EZ I mean. Just put your egg in the EZ Cracker and press the lever and your eggs are cracked without any mess or bits of shell. Separate the egg whites with ease for a healthier egg. Perhaps you remember this product from the infomercial featuring the always entertaining Wendy the Snapple Lady? Video: