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Bicycle Bottle System Condenses Humidity From Air Into Drinkable Water

Drinkable waterThe weight of water limits how much can be brought on a long bike ride. There isn’t always an option to stop and fill up from a clean stream or drinking fountain, but water could be obtained from a different source: the air. Austrian industrial design student Kristof Retezár has created Fontus: a prototype of a water bottle system that condenses humid air into clean, drinkable water. His design made him a finalist for the 2014 James Dyson Award.

The Fontus attaches to the bicycle frame and consists of a condenser unit and a bottle for collection. There is a solar panel on top of the unit that powers the condenser. As the motion of the bike causes air to blow into a channel, the moist air is cooled, causing it to condense. The droplets roll back down the condensing unit, collecting in a water bottle mounted underneath.


Trotify – Makes Your Bike Sound Like Horses


Molnari Gyrocycle, the Flying Motorcycle

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The Molnari Gyrocycle is a combination motorcycle and helicopter currently under development by Dezso Molnar and his team. The initial prototype, the Molnari GT, first flew in 2006. The second prototype, the GT2, has been street tested and is now being prepared for flight operations. The GT2 was on display at last weekend’s Maker Faire.

Gregg’s Cycles Features Two Story Glass Bikewall Displaying 42 Bikes

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The Bellevue, Washington location of Gregg’s Cycles proudly displays a “bikewall,” a two story glass facade displaying 42 bikes. This elegant bit of architecture is the work of Weinstein A|U.

VelEau Bicycle Hydration System

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Showers Pass has created a sort of bike mounted CamelBak system called the VelEau.
A canteen/tool pack mounted to the rear of the seat holds 42 ounces of water which is made accessible to the rider via a frame-routed tube system that ends in a tethered valve held securely to the handlebars with magnets. It has two patent-pending retractable magnetic reels that allow the rider to safely and easily access the bite valve.

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