Ecto Cooler Beer

WOW! Last week, Tired Hands debuted Necto Cooler, a beer inspired by the most nostalgia-inducing beverage of all time. Originally released in the 80s as a tie-in with cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters, Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler was an orange-flavored, green-colored drink that is fondly remembered by 80s and 90s kids. In order to achieve the [...]

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Lolo Lids the Ultimate Beer Koozie

The Lolo Lid is a stealth beer koozie that allows you to drink beer while out in public as it will make it look like you're just drinking coffee. It’s a special lid that holds on to a standard can of beer. You then have to attach it to a paper coffee cup to turn [...]

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Coney Island Brewing Company, The World’s Smallest Brewery


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Fenway Park to Install Bottoms Up Beer Dispensers

Just what they need, a way to get those assholes drunk even quicker! Sweet! SOURCE

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Beer Cap Catcher

This bottle opener features a built-in lid catcher that holds up to 30 lids. No more bottle caps laying around, good idea. Removable base for easy disposal of the caps. PRODUCT PAGE

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Iron Maiden’s Bar Tab

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Heineken Robot Pours Beer for You

This Heineken pouring robot from Middlesex University was strutting its stuff at the Kinetica Gallery in London recently, driving around a table and pouring beer (a very little bit of beer) on demand. The bot is equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors as well as a sensor on top that you can wave at to signal [...]

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