Man Vs. Monkey

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Cowboys and Chargers Fans Fight

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Slim & AC – Control Too ( You Took That Janet Shit Too Far )

They're Baaaaaack. New Slim & AC !

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Mother of the year 2012, Warning, Video is Brutal.

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Somebody Give this Dude His Guitars Back

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Dad Gets Revenge on His Daughter for a Facebook Post

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Provoke – Who Shot Bloomberg?

So this is a new joint from my man Provoke.. He going hard at New York's Major Bloomberg in the brand new "Who Shot Bloomberg." I love the record, and I always love when people (especially my friends) stir the shit. Spread this, be concerned, and out of work protestors PLAY THIS ON YOUR BOOMBOX [...]

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Elephant Hits a Man With His Trunk

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The Megaupload Saga from the Beginning

I'm pissed they took down Mega.. I had a year subscription! "Early 2011" - "The FBI contacted New Zealand Police in early 2011 with a request to assist with their investigation into the Mega Conspiracy." said Detective Inspector Grant Wormald of OFCANZ 28-OCT-2011 - MegaUpload labelled a 'rogue' site by MPAA. The MPAA has submitted [...]

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In Honor of Verlander Winning AL MVP, Here is a Video of Me Screaming at Him ForBeing Overrated

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