Picture of Baby Being Born at Walmart on Black Friday

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Guy Skateboards Holding a Baby and Falls

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The Most Horrifying Thing to Gestate in a Human Womb

It called Duplicata incompleta with caudal regression syndrome This is a case of a 36-year-old G1 P0 who was treated for infertility for the past 16 years. This was her first pregnancy after in vitro-fertilization. It was a twin pregnancy after a transfer of two embryos. Patient went into a preterm labor and delivered at [...]

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Justin Bieber – Baby (Remix) featuring his new son Tristyn Yeater (RAREUNLIMITED EXCLUSIVE)

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Start Your Morning with Some Baby Animals

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Put It Down Onesie That Reminds Parents to Take Care of Their Kid


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2 Babys Have a Conversation

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