iWatch Concept


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Was iOS 7 Created in Microsoft Word ?

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ePillow for iPad


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Samsung Flips Off Apple, Uses Same Actress in Commercial

While the battle between Samsung and Apple has been waging on in court systems around the world, Samsung decided to take the battle to your living room. The Verge has discovered that the same girl who stars in the latest Apple 4S commercial is now featured in a Galaxy Tab 8.9 commercial in South Korea. [...]

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Heat Sensitive iPhone 4 Backing

Your phone will change colors with this cool heat sensitive backing($12). This heat adhesive iPhone backing with the ability to "change colors in the range 90 to 95 degrees F - or just below body temperature". Jump more to watch the video of it changes color with heat from your hands. SOURCE

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iPhone Photo Printer

This printer($60) that prints 4×6 photos directly from a docked iPhone or iPod touch. "Requiring no computer or software, the printer is controlled from your iPhone via a free downloadable app. In less than a minute and without ink cartridges, it prints crystal-clear 300 dpi resolution pictures with vibrant colors, thanks to patented paper embedded [...]

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60 Minutes Preview – Steve Jobs (Delayed Cancer Treatment for Magicial Thinking)

New 60 Minutes explains how Jobs Delayed Cancer treatment hoping to be cured by "Magical Thinking"

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Ipad Head Girl

iPad Head Girl walks around Bryant Park in New York City. The iPad Head Girl is the creation of the Thinkmodo studio and is designed promote the new Cosmo For Guys iPad magazine.

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iLuv iMM514 ArtStation Pro

iLuv launches iMM514 ArtStation Pro which turns tablet into a miniature home theater. The iPad itself attaches to an articulated, swivelling arm ensuring it’s always positioned at the optimal angle. And it can be switched between landscape and portrait orientations for watching videos, or browsing a website. It included a wireless remote. Available in August [...]

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