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Friskies Releases Ipad Apps For Cats

ipad app for cats RARE

Friskies is excited to feed your cats’ senses with three new games made just for cats. The colors, movement, and game-play have been researched and tested for maximum feline fun.

Chart Showing The Average Life Spans of Animals

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A vintage chart from Compton’s Encyclopedia showing the average life spans of a variety of animals.

When Animals Attack T-Shirt

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Two Chinchillas in Wine Glasses Fall In Love

Chinchilas fall in love RARE

Chinchilla Films presents “A Chinchilla’s First Love” staring Soju & Saki.

Baby Aardvark Born at Busch Gardens In Tampa


With fewer than a dozen successful births each year, aardvark births are not common. They are solitary by nature, only Busch Gardens is home to a male and female, with the cub making three. He will be raised in Jambo Junction – located in the Nairobi area of the park – and will become one of the park’s educational Animal Ambassadors.


Handgun Dog Leash

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I don’t know how i feel about this..


Red Tibetan Mastiff Becomes World’s Most Expensive Dog

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Thanks to POPS for the find !!

They say money can’t buy love – but £1million will get you man’s most expensive best friend.
A red Tibetan mastiff has become the priciest dog in the world after being sold for 10 million Chinese yuan, or £945,000.
Big Splash, or Hong Dong in Chinese, was bought by a coal baron from the north of China.
And it’s lucky his new master is a multi-millionaire, because the hefty price tag doesn’t factor in Big Splash’s diet – enough chicken and beef to fill a growing 180lb dog, spiced up with Chinese delicacies such as sea cucumber and abalone.

His owner will need a big house too, as adult Tibetan Mastiffs have been known to weigh as much as 286lb, or more than 20 stone – the same as a sizeable rugby player. However the typical weight for a fully grown Tibetan Mastiff is around 13 stone.
But according to breeder Lu Liang, Big Splash is a ‘perfect specimen’ and the extravagant price for the 11-month-old is completely justified.
He said: ‘We have spent a lot of money raising this dog, and we have the salaries of plenty of staff to pay’ – adding that the new owner could charge almost £10,000 a time for Big Splash to breed with a female.
The high price paid for the dog is a sign that the red Tibetan mastiff has become a status symbol in China, replacing jewellery and cars as a way for the super-rich to show off their wealth.
Not only is red considered a lucky colour, but Tibetan mastiffs are thought to be holy animals, blessing their owners’ health and security.
Tibetans believe the dogs have the souls of monks and nuns who were not good enough to be reincarnated as humans or into Shambhala, the heavenly realm.
Owners of the breed have included Queen Victoria, King George IV and Genghis Khan – who supposedly took 30,000 of the dogs with his army in his bid to conquer Western Europe.


Gorilla Walks Like a Man (Video and Pics)


Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday

A Dead Elephant in a Tree

Sri Lankan elephant calf found dead in tree
An image has emerged from Sri Lanka of a dead elephant calf stuck high in a tree after getting caught up in the country’s fast-flowing floods.

11 Siberian Tigers Starve to Death in Zoo

BEIJING – Eleven rare Siberian tigers kept in small cages and fed only chicken bones have died of malnutrition at a cash-strapped zoo in China’s frigid northeast, state media said Friday.

A manager at the Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo in Liaoning province, however, said the animals had died of disease.

Siberian tigers are one of the world’s rarest species, with just 300 believed remaining in the wild.