Man Uses His Leg as Anaconda Bait

Skip to like 2:10 if you want to see the action right away.

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Ball Thrower Machine

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Black Jellyfish

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Pink Dog Spotted in New York

Poor dog..That owner is an asshole.

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A Really Effective Cat Toy

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Talented Dog Collects Money for Owner

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Elephant Hits a Man With His Trunk

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Albino Animals

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Rare White Kiwi Survives Surgery

The world's only known white kiwi has survived surgery to remove stones from her gizzard, reports a New Zealand Wildlife Centre. Over a week ago, rangers noted that Manukura, the six-month-old chick, was off her food. X-rays revealed that two large stones were obstructing the chick's guts. In two separate operations, vets at Wellington Hospital [...]

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Life at the Bottom: The Prolific Afterlife of Whales

Long Read, but worth it if you into whales n shit. -AC On a routine expedition in 1987, oceanographers in the submersible Alvin were mapping the typically barren, nutrient-poor seafloor in the Santa Catalina Basin, off the shore of southern California. On the final dive of the trip, the scanning sonar detected a large object [...]

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