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AC – Still Breathing (Prod. by C4 Sinistah)


This is the second leak off my New album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” Available on iTunes October 31st. Shout out to the dude C4.. He’s doing the whole album people.. It’s crazy.

AC – I Killed The Future President (prod. by C4 Sinistah)


New York, Oct 10th 2012

Controversial..Repulsive..Offensive… or just down right genius ? New York rapper, AC, is at it again. The self proclaimed “Marketing Genius” has announced his new album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” exclusively produced by beatsmith C4 Sinistah will be released digitally on Halloween, October 31st. The first leak off this album is a song entitled “I Killed the Future President.” With the 2012 presidential election right around the corner, the title seems very off-putting to say the least. I think you will be surprised, dare I say even SHOCKED at what the song is really about.

With projects under his belt like “Attack of the Blogs” and “911 in Retrospect” AC has never been off with his timing and this go around is no different. Be prepared..this album is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

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Scram Jones, Statik Selektah, AC and G. Blanco LIVE at Tammany Hall


I recently rocked Tammany hall with Scram Jones, Statik Selektah, and G. Blanco.. Check it out – AC

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AC – Freak ( Prod. by Skrillex )

AC X Skrillex FREAK small

Went in with some XXX bars on this Skrillex joint.. DJ’s you need this!. “Courtesy of a Nightmare” coming this summer! Let’s go!

AC performs at W.O.W Wrestling Event with Sonjay Dutt feat. Marty Jannetty (VIDEO)


I appeared at the Warriors of Wrestling-Full Throttle event this past weekend.(http://www.warriorsofwrestling.com/) I recently recorded a new theme for Sonjay Dutt ( http://twitter.com/sonjaydutterson ). He invited me down to perform it and walk him to the ring. I thought i was just the performer, I didn’t know I’d be part of the mayhem. Check it out

Sonjay’s new theme “I hope you came to see a show” will be available on Itunes soon.
New album “Courtesy of a Nightmare” coming soon
Check me out on Twitter http://twitter.com/AConDEMAND

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AC Performs at Webster Hall for the Coast 2 Coast Showcase

AC Webster HallRARE

I rocked a Webster Hall last week for the Coast 2 Coast showcase. Check out a abbreviated version.. The Song is Called “Flawless” and is off my last mixtape “Send the Scouts Out.”

AC – Switchblade Vol 1 feat. eht Mills ( Jacking for Beats ) VIDEO

AC switchblade freestyle

New visual for the Switchblade freestyle.. Courtesy of a nightmare.. soon.

AC X J.A.E X Ali Vegas – Lean Wit It Freestyle

AC,JAE an Ali Vegas- Artwork

We back with some new shit.. Shout out to Ali and J.A.E. Check it

AC feat. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know REMIX (prod by Mike Cash)

AC ft Gotye ArtworkRARE

AC – Stay Scheming (Freestyle)


We asked AC where he’s been since he released his last Mixtape “Send the Scouts Out.” He responded with: “Nothing much, just cooling out waiting for their daughters to turn 18.” 10 minutes later we had this in our inbox, a new freestyle over the “Stay Scheming” Instrumental. He killed this! Mad Lines! Check it out.


Ali Vegas X AC X J.A.E – The Musical [Prod. by 78 West]

JAE,AC and Ali Vegas -The Musical COVER

Here’s a song I did with my people J.A.E and Ali Vegas called the Musical”. This joint is HARD so play it loud. Shout out to my boy Doe Wiz on the hook. We’re shooting the video in a couple days. Enjoy !! -AC

BONUS Here is a clip of the Making of the joint..

Uness ft. AC – Don’t You Know (Prod. by Uness) *RAREUNLIMITED EXCLUSIVE*

AC Uness Dont you know RAREUNLIMITED


New York Yankees 2011 Season Preview by AC

New York Yankees Preview RAREUNLIMITED.com

I am finally in Baseball Mode. Spring training/Pre-season Baseball drains me. With all the games I watch during the season, I can’t afford to sit there and watch an additional 30 something. However, I get all the updates, catch the innings I can, and always stay up on the progress of my Yanks and individual player stats in preparation for the regular season (Yes, I call them MY YANKS. With all the Money I Spend on Gear, tickets and food at the Stadium, I should own a percentage of the team). With that said, lets take a look at the 2011 New York Yankees and and make some early predictions, shall we ? Lets first break down the key additions and subtractions the off-season brought us.

Players Added:

Rafael Soriano – What’s there to say? The Best closer in the league in 2010, setting up the greatest closer of all time. This has potential to be the best 1-2 punch in MLB history. If you’re facing the Yankees this year, just pray you’re leading after 7. If not Good night, see you in the morning!

Bartolo Colon – OLLLL Bart-Gordo Fro-lon. I’ll admit when I first heard we signed him, I hit up my boy Somma and laughed. I mean we abused this guy his whole career, why sign him now??? I do like his roll in the pen as a long man though.

Freddy Garcia – A lot of writers bashed this move, I’ll be honest- with the current state of the rotation, I liked it. Garcia pitched 28 games for the White Sox last year, with a below average 4.64 ERA, and finished 12-6. Vazquez was your fifth starter last year, I’d take the actor who played the kid in rookie of the year over him. This is an improvement in that area.
*NOTE* Cliff Lee ended the 2010 season 12-9 with a 3.18 ERA.

Pedro Feliciano – who will not be joining the team for what he says will be “a couple of weeks” should be a positive addition to the squad. This work horse has lead the league in relief outings for the last four seasons and will fit right into the 7th inning spot. He gives lefties a tough time holding them to a career 214 batting average. After all why wouldn’t I want another Boriqua on the team.

Russell Martin – Yanks acted quick on Martin beating out the Jays and Redsox, and I feel it was a good risk taken. Not so long ago Martin was one of the best all-around catchers in baseball, hitting .285 with a .373 on-base percentage and .433 slugging percentage in 427 games through age 25. He’s still just 28 years old and will bring plenty of value to the table with his defense and on-base skills even if the rest of his game lags behind.

Andruw Jones – I love this pick up. Jones Hit 19 homers in 278 at-bats last year for the White Sox and slugged .558 against left-handed pitching. He also provides dependable defense in all three outfield positions.

Justin Maxwell– Another outfielder/utility guy, I don’t know much about him. I don’t know how much playing time he will get. Demoted to AAA

Eric Chavez– Injury prone muilti year gold-glove winner, who can provide help off the bench when Alex and Tex need a rest. Not mad at this as long as he stays healthy and off the operating table.

Mark Prior– Injury prone right hander, did not make the team. Although he was sent down, he could very well make an appearance this year if the stars are aligned.

Players Lost:

Andy Pettitte– We are definitely going to miss the all time winningest Playoff pitcher in history. Not only was he a great mentor for the younger guys, but his flare for the dramatic in big games could mean missing that “Go To” guy in key situations. Something tells me Andy will be back sooner, than later.

Javier Vazquez– Fuck him. Never forgave him for 2004. I never wanted him back, glad to see him go. He will be better in the NL, he is not build for the American League.

We will not miss the injury prone Nick Johnson or the replaceable Lance Berkman and Austin Kearns. I would have really like to keep Marcus Thames, he had some big hits for us last season. The addition of Andruw Jones and Eric Chavez should prove to be an improvement as the utility roll from both sides of the plate.

Randy Winn– See ya Randy, it was dumb while it lasted.

Juan Miranda– No room for Juan with Tex locked in at first. With the rotating designated hitter position Miranda was expendable. No telling how young buck Scotti Allen will perform (player acquired from Diamond back for Miranda). We will see.

Kerry Wood– At first I was very upset we didn’t make a stronger play to bring Wood back in the off season.. Little did I know, Cashman was only signing the Second Best Closer (1st Stats wise) in the league to set up the sandman, Mariano Riviera. Thanks for the good times Kerry.

Chad Gaudin – I am a big Chad Guadin supporter. He never hurt us, got some big outs and was there in 2009. I wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors in Washington.

Player to Watch

Alex Rodriguez – This is the first off-season in a couple years where Alex is able to actually approach the season in healthy form. His numbers this spring were not human and judging by the amount of grapes Cameron Diaz has been feeding him, Mr. Rodriguez seems pretty relaxed.

Pitcher to watch

A.J. Burnett– He will be the one dude in the rotation to really watch. Coming off his worst season career wise, his private matters coming to fruition and his drive to do better, I feel this should be a very eventful season for the tatted, pie chucking tosser. Hopefully he wears the Bluejays jersey under the pinstripes and brings back some of that 2008.

The Yankees’ offense remains one o
f the best in the league, but the pitching is the question. Then again, who besides the Phillies doesn’t search answers in that dept. That’s why they play the games.

CC is your main man, Hughes is good for at least 6 every outing but the rest of the rotation is a big question mark.

Hopefully AJ Burnett is over the drama at home and Posada hang-ups and can start to act like a big leaguer again.

Ivan Nova seems promising and has looked good this Spring, however his in-experience can cause problems down the stretch. After all this is a LONG season.

Can Bartolo Colon be productive as a long man ?

Can Freddy Garcia give any sort of production in the very competitive AL East?

The Yanks will be very competitive in 2010, especially with a much improved bullpen that shapes up to be among the tops in the league.

The key, however, will be getting six quality innings from everyone who is not CC Sabathia. I feel this much scrutinized rotation will surprise a lot of people.

2010 Finish:

95-67 (2nd Place, AL East), Won AL Wild Card, Lost ALCS 4-2

2011 Prediction:

1st Place, AL East

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AC “Charlie Sheen” REMIX prod. by Phoenix



If you didn’t know Phoenix and I have been working together for years.. Thats my homie for life.. I gotta say, he KILLED this “Charlie Sheen” Remix..More Heat from the Duo coming soon – AC

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AC – Appalled (Youtube Freestyle)