The Oscars’ Voting Process

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Man Vs. Monkey

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Jimmy Fallon & Rashida Jones Sing Holiday Parodies of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Drake

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101 Facts About Pixar

Toys. Fish. Robots. Monsters. Feels. Not just my Christmas list but an abridged list of all the fine-crafted stories in Pixar's arsenal. But 101 Facts is here to show you behind the curtain and beyond the toybox and give you some of the finest facts that the Pixarverse has to offer. We're sad strange little [...]

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Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Kisses Natalie Dormer

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Drake – Hotline Bling ( Saved by the Bell Remix )

She used to call him on his huge cellphone. Drake - Hotline Bling ( Saved by the Bell Remix ) from RareUnlimited on Vimeo.

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Grumpy Cat’s First Comic Con

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Pepsi Perfect Commercial

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Kittens In a Wrestling Ring

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New Show Will Show What Would Have Happened if the Allies Lost World War II

This new Amazon show called "The Man in the High Castle" explores what would have happened if the Allies had lost World War II. It's based on a Philip K. Dick novel from 1962. The hour-long drama stars Alexa Davalos ("Mob City"), Luke Kleintank ("Pretty Little Liars"), Rupert Evans ("The Village"), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ("Mortal Kombat [...]

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