AC performs at W.O.W Wrestling Event with Sonjay Dutt feat. Marty Jannetty (VIDEO)

I appeared at the Warriors of Wrestling-Full Throttle event this past weekend.( I recently recorded a new theme for Sonjay Dutt ( ). He invited me down to perform it and walk him to the ring. I thought i was just the performer, I didn't know I'd be part of the mayhem. Check it [...]

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“Next Question” feat John Tortorella by DJ Steve Porter

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AC Performs at Webster Hall for the Coast 2 Coast Showcase

I rocked a Webster Hall last week for the Coast 2 Coast showcase. Check out a abbreviated version.. The Song is Called "Flawless" and is off my last mixtape "Send the Scouts Out."

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What Instagram Did with the 1 Billion

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Blackberry Actually Made Something Cool

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Leonardo DiCaprio Calls Derrick Rose Torn ACL Knee Injury Stupid

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Radio Hosts Hamish and Andy Go Blind and Deaf for a Experiment

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Heat Scalese – iSmoke Directed by Heffty (Music Video)

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Kid Chases Otters at the Aquarium

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Dramatic Response to a Question on Ryan Commission Report

Run down Very general run down. Basically for those of you not familiar with the situation. The catholic church had a mad amount of power in irish society, ran hospitals, schools, orphanages, basically everything bar the local pub. If your son became a priest it was a massive credit to your family and possibly even [...]

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