Epic Shake Weight Prank

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Some Serious Photoshop Skills

Damn son

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BPS Football Match Timelapse

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Terry Collins’ Hero

Terry Collins professes his admiration for New York Mets Pitcher Johan Santana. Johan Santana is obviously Terry Collins' hero. Check out this music video to Enrique Iglesias' hit song "Hero"

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Víctor Manuelle – Ella lo que quiere es salsa (Directed by Steven Tapia)

my brother has arrived.. shout out to Tapia! Big look homie!

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Cane Toad Road by Ford

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Revolutionary Soft-body Physics in CryEngine3

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J.A.E – Throwed (Prod. By RMB Justize) [video]

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60,000-Piece Domino Wall Destruction

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Turning a Jaw Breaker

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