Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His ‘Gift’

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Brass Knuckle iPhone Case


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Tiny Pod Car Runs on Air

India's Tata Motors is working on a revolutionary new concept car, Airpod concept car. It's small and futuristic looking like many other models, but unlike those vehicles, this one runs on compressed air. It's a tiny little three-seater designed for urban driving. The small size also helps the power generated from the engine better propel [...]

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Revolutionary Soft-body Physics in CryEngine3

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Credit-Card Sized Stylus

It’s a credit-card sized and shaped piece of plastic with a capacitive area. This turns it into a stylus which you can use with any touch-sensitive device. The traditional stylus is hard to carry. But you can carry this in your wallet with all your cards. We’re not sure when or if it’ll ever come [...]

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The Magnetic Hammer

The Magnetic Hammer by JP design. "By attaching magnets on the handle of the hammer, the user no longer needs to carry nails in an uncomfortable fashion: simply bring the hammer to a pile of nails.' SOURCE

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What Instagram Did with the 1 Billion

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Blackberry Actually Made Something Cool

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Project Glass – Google Begins Testing Its Augmented Reality Glasses

If you venture into a coffee shop in the coming months and see someone with a pair of futuristic glasses that look like a prop from “Star Trek,” don’t worry. It’s most likely just a Google employee testing the company’s new augmented reality glasses. On Wednesday, Google gave people 20/20 vision about a secret augmented-reality [...]

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Crazy Jumping Robot

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