A Camel Makes His Superbowl Prediction

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Raven Fan Flips Out After Missed Kick

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Jorge Diaz TKO’s Yan Barthelemy in Final Round

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Jesus Doesn’t Care about Tebow. lol

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Justin Verlander, the Most Over-Rated MVP in History

Justin Verlander, the Most Over Rated MVP in History If you know one thing from reading my Blog, I am not a hater by any stretch of the imagination. I do poke fun at any situation and there is not a line I wouldn't cross. However, when it's all said an done...Get Your Money! What [...]

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In Honor of Verlander Winning AL MVP, Here is a Video of Me Screaming at Him ForBeing Overrated

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Jesus is Upset with the Broncos Win Over the Jets

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Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul at MSG Together – THE TRIO IS COMING SOON!!!

YESSS!! THE TRIO IS COMING TO THE GARDEN!!.. well maybe - AC Here some pics of what it would look like...

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Green Bay Packers Are for Sale, Fans Get Stock Option

The only publicly owned franchise in the NFL is, for only the 5th time since 1923, once again offering shares of the team to the public. The team’s attorney sent a letter to the State of Utah’s division of securities with an estimate of $250 per share to be offered to the public starting as [...]

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Girl Chooses World Series Tickets Over Engagement Ring

Dude better Marry her !

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