AC performs at W.O.W Wrestling Event with Sonjay Dutt feat. Marty Jannetty (VIDEO)

I appeared at the Warriors of Wrestling-Full Throttle event this past weekend.( I recently recorded a new theme for Sonjay Dutt ( ). He invited me down to perform it and walk him to the ring. I thought i was just the performer, I didn't know I'd be part of the mayhem. Check it [...]

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“Next Question” feat John Tortorella by DJ Steve Porter

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A Little Something to Get New York Rangers Fans Pumped for the Eastern Conference Finals

I was at this game. One of the greatest experiences of my life.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Calls Derrick Rose Torn ACL Knee Injury Stupid

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A Quick Thought About the Ozzie Guillen Situation

A quick thought about the Ozzie Guillen situation. I don't know how anyone can be offended about another persons opinion of someone else. So what ? he killed people now cant like him ? I mean, you can argue that it doesn't say much about me as a person if I decide to support such [...]

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Michael Jordan Dunking His Own Head

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Look Out, Jeremy Lin the Gold Diggers Are Out

She calls him Jerry and Says he's black.. lol

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Picture of the Spot Where the “Super Bowl” Sniper Worked on Sunday

Imagine this dude was a Patriots fan and took Eli out at the end. DAMN

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New York Giants Website Declares them “Superbowl Champions” a Day Early

I am a Jets fan so I really would hate it if the Patriots won. However, shit like shit makes me want the Giants to lose.

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Forget Tebowing.. Do the Coughlin

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