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100 Years of Beauty

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Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Kisses Natalie Dormer

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Jelly Fish Necklace


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Girl Gets Her Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed on Her Face

About a month ago, Rouslan Toumaniantz, a well known and sometimes notorious Belgium-based tattoo artist (of Tattoo Box in Kortrijk), and Lesya, a designer living at the time in Saransk, a city in central Russia started talking via chat (Rouslan speaks fluent Russian) and realized they had a lot in common, and quickly began falling head over heels in love. […]

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Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes


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Drunk Girl Gets Into Some Dude’s Car

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Gravy-Wrestling Model Suffers Horrific Facial Injuries After Being Hit With Monkey Wrench When She Interrupted a Friend Having Sex

A model who became a champion gravy wrestler suffered serious eye damage after being hit in the face with a monkey wrench. Elisa Sampson, 31, was hit in the face by her 'best friend' Sabina English, after arriving back at her home in Rossendale, Lancashire, and finding the single mother having sex with another friend [...]

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Conceited Girl Explains the Difference Between Thick and Fat

Bitch you're not thick.. lol

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Girl Chooses World Series Tickets Over Engagement Ring

Dude better Marry her !

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