Rare Unlimited at Comic Con 2013

Whats up people, had another great experience at New York Comic con courtesy of the good folks at NYCC NYC. Please visit the website to keep in touch and buy ticketsHere. This is an awesome event, packed with unbelievable cosplay, great games, exclusive comics and the atmosphere is unlike any event in the tri-state area. Check some of our pictures below. – AC […]

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Cool Walter White Drawing


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Happy Birthday Michael Jordan but Lets Not Forget Who the GOAT Is

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Girl Gets Her Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed on Her Face

About a month ago, Rouslan Toumaniantz, a well known and sometimes notorious Belgium-based tattoo artist (of Tattoo Box in Kortrijk), and Lesya, a designer living at the time in Saransk, a city in central Russia started talking via chat (Rouslan speaks fluent Russian) and realized they had a lot in common, and quickly began falling head over heels in love. […]

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Winter in Kraków by Marcin Ryczek

Winter in Kraków photographed by Marcin Ryczek SOURCE

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Pee-wee Herman Cycling Skinsuit

This Pee-Wee Herman cycling skinsuit($150) is designed to help you tackle those bike rides with humor, Haha! “If you’re a comedic lover, this Skinsuit is the right fit for you! Here at Podium we not only aim to meet the need of professional cyclists, but to give them a special edge, like distracting the guy behind you, and making the spectators love you. This skinsuit is made of the best quality polyester fabric mix, allowing for durability, flexibility and style” […]

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2-in-1 Cigar Holder and Flask

This Cigar Flask comes with a cigar storage compartment, Cool. The flask features a compartment sized .75″ by 1.5″, and fits 2 46-ring cigars. On the other side, you’ll fit 4 oz. of liquor. BUY IT HERE

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Banana Art

Art on a Banana. […]

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‘Art in a Frame” Subway Piece

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Green Power Ranger, Jason Frank Now as a MMA Fighter


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