Life Imitates Art

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This Pretty Much Sums Up the 2011 Play-Offs So Far

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Lost Luggage T-Shirt

“Lost Luggage”, a new Shirt.Woot t-shirt design by Matt Leyen. Product Page

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Race Car with Functioning Game of Operation in the Hood

This elderly BMW 318i is both a race car and a functioning game of Operation. It was an entrant in this year’s 24 Hours of LeMons endurance race of $500 cars (see our post on LeMons.) via Art Car Central & Murilee Martin

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Haunted Pacman House

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The Real Osama Bin Laden Death Picture * Exclusive *

This is supposedly the real pic..

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Tiny People Doing Things In a Full-Size World

Plastic Life is a wonderful series of photos by Vincent Bousserez featuring tiny people doing things in a full-size world.

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Monkey Tail Beards

The documents an absurd new fashion trend where men shave their facial hair into Monkeytail Beards. SOURCE

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Achievement Unlocked – Kill Osama Bin Laden

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Franken Toys, Deformed Toys by Rachel Peters

Franken Toys are a growing collection of rescued toys which have been dismembered only to be re-membered as a new piece of art. Every repurposed toy has been hand sewn and many have been intricately embroidered. Adopt your favorite Franken Toy today. Each Franken is one of a kind. SOURCE

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