Man Charged After Wiping His Ass With A Parking Ticket

A man who received a parking ticket in Bartlett now faces criminal charges after authorities said he stained the citation with human excrement before mailing it back to the village. Officials said Alexander J. Bailey, 22, of the 6N600 block of Medinah Road in Medinah, was arrested last week charged with disorderly conduct after a [...]

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‘South Park’ creators warned: Poking fun at Muhammed Could Invite Deadly Muslim rage

The creators of "South Park" better watch their backs. That's what a radical Islamic group based in New York "warned" on their Web site,, using violent imagery to express their unhappiness over the depiction of the Prophet Muhammed in a bear suit on the 200th episode of the long-running Comedy Central series. "We have [...]

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Iceland Volcano Closeup

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Man Takes Knife to Racist German Shepherd

YONKERS — A prejudiced pooch that reportedly disliked minorities was slashed last night by a black man who had grown tired of the dog's incessant barking at him, police said. The German Shepherd lost an eye, and the alleged slasher — who worked for an oil delivery business where the dog stood guard — was [...]

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Man Jumps off the Empire State Building (story and video)

Authorities say a 21-year-old man has plunged to his death in an apparent suicide jump off the Empire State Building during the evening rush hour. Police say the man was dead when rescue workers arrived at the 102-story skyscraper shortly before 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. Authorities wouldn't immediately release his name or say from which floor [...]

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Rare All-Black Penguin Spotted

King Penguins are notorious for their prim, tuxedoed appearance -- but a recently discovered all-black penguin seems unafraid to defy convention. In what has been described as a "one in a zillion kind of mutation," biologists say that the animal has lost control of its pigmentation, an occurrence that is extremely rare. Other than the [...]

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The World’s Shortest Man, He Pingping, Dies Aged 21

The world's shortest man, He Pingping, who was just 74.6cm (2ft 5in) tall, has died in Rome. He was born in 1988 in Wulanchabu, China, with a form of primordial dwarfism, and was officially recognised as the world's shortest man in 2008. He was admitted to hospital two weeks ago after suffering a chest complaint [...]

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Teacher Writes ‘Loser’ on Student’s Assignments

AOL News (March 14) -- The mother of a sixth-grader in Buncombe County, N.C., is upset about name-calling in her daughter's classroom -- but the students aren't the ones slinging the mud. Patty Clement is debating other parents in Candler, N.C., over Rex Roland, a teacher who sometimes writes the word "loser" on the assignments [...]

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New Jersey Mother Aiming to be Fattest Woman in the World

Donna Simpson, from New Jersey, weighs 273kg but told the Daily Mail newspaper she had her heart set on reaching her goal weight of 1000lb (450kg) in two years. The 42-year-old already holds the title of the world's fattest mother after giving birth to her daughter in 2007 when she weighed 241kg. "I'd love to [...]

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11 Siberian Tigers Starve to Death in Zoo

BEIJING – Eleven rare Siberian tigers kept in small cages and fed only chicken bones have died of malnutrition at a cash-strapped zoo in China’s frigid northeast, state media said Friday. A manager at the Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo in Liaoning province, however, said the animals had died of disease. Siberian tigers are one of the world’s rarest species, with just 300 believed remaining in the wild. […]

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