The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2: IN LEGO

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Val Kilmer as Mark Twain

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He’s played the rock god Jim Morrison, Moses, and even Batman, but now Val Kilmer is taking on the diety of authors: Mark Twain, in a one-man play, “Citizen Twain,” which he created. The 52-year-old wrote, directed, and stars in the project.

From the photo of him in full Twain getup, it may be hard to believe that the actor is the usually blond, baby-faced Kilmer.

The show, which will run for two weekends at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, is all just preparation for a movie that Kilmer is set to do also as Twain, “Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy.” The two were historical adversaries: Twain, a social satirist, and Eddy, the founder of Christian science.

The pair never met, but Twain was obsessed with her views, and wrote screeds against her. Kilmer told the Huffington Post that after seven years studying the two, “It’s very much like ‘Amadeus.’ It’s a dual biography. I’m regretting that now, because it’s really hard to do.”

As Twain, the “Heat” actor is unrecognizable. Fans may be reminded that the actor’s trademark is exhaustive research in a role, and the Twain project is no exception. Kilmer wears the signature wild white hair and trademark mustache. His face is wrinkled, and he speaks with Twain’s twang. The “Willow” actor, whose career has long been in a slump, is apparently financing the film himself. A note on the movie’s website says the actor sold his New Mexico home to help with funding.

Kilmer, who is also an accomplished stage actor, told the Hollywood Reporter that the live performance is a great way into the character, who, he said, he’s always loved for “his humor and genius.” He added, “There’s really no way of creating the role of Mark Twain without being onstage. He was a speaker, first and foremost; he did it before he was a famous writer. It’s how he became famous as a writer, and it’s even how he wrote novels. He would write in the morning and then read them to his children.”

Martin Scorsese Must See Foreign-film List


A young filmmaker sent Martin Scorsese a note asking him for some viewing recommendations, and he responded with this list

Film Buyers Fooled by Sony’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ DVD Joke


The DVD of the American remake of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ will hit American shelves this week, but those who have got hold of the disk early have had a shock.

The disk has been sent out to shops in its box as a blank home-burned DVD with the title carelessly hand-written in a black permanent marker.

One commenter posted on the film forum MidWest Tape this week: “I almost had a fit and retuned this to Redbox”, referring to the American rental service.

Redbox have had to post a warning message to renters in response to the confusion on their website:

“NOTE TO RENTERS: The handwritten look on the disc of this movie is legitimate and is intended to look like a burned DVD.”


You Are the Father

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The Bourne Legacy (Trailer)


I cant wait man.. cant wait. This has been my favorite trilogy up to this point.

New Ferris Bueller Movie to be Announced During Super Bowl


wow.. please be true

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer #1

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New Sacha Baron-Cohen Movie – “The Dictator” Trailer

New Sacha Baron-Cohen Movie - "The Dictator" Trailer RARE

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Three Stooges Trailer


Looks better than I thought.. I might see this for Kate Upton Alone

Jim Cummings, Voice of Winnie the Pooh & Tigger at Winnie The Pooh Premiere

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I only posted this because he does the voices in it – AC

Kids Getting Shot in a Movie


This is crazy, what was the director thinking?!?! It’s from Troma’s “Beware: Children at Play” (1989) (DVD:

New Movie Posters For The Grey, Contraband, & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Ctexas chainsaw 3d