Ol’ Dirty Bastard Was Hilarious

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Worst Prediction of the Year on ?

LOL..I've seen some bad ones, but this prediction by Bryan Toporek is pretty bad. -AC Coach of the Year: Mike Brown, Los Angeles Lakers I'm picking Mike Brown for this award for one reason and one reason only: I'm expecting the Los Angeles Lakers to be really, really good in 2012-13. With Dwight Howard reportedly [...]

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Nicki Minaj Sounds Like a Gay Jay-Z When She Is Slowed Down

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A Very Understanding 3 Year Old

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Best Hurricane Sandy News Bloopers

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Racist Field Trip

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Demi Lovato Gets Owned by an X Factor Candidate

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Some Dude Convinces Times Square He’s a Celebrity

Wow people are stupid.

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Dude Converts His Little Brother’s Room into a Little Girl’s Room as a Prank

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Lil’ Pulp Fiction

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