Justin Verlander, the Most Over-Rated MVP in History


Justin Verlander, the Most Over Rated MVP in History

If you know one thing from reading my Blog, I am not a hater by any stretch of the imagination. I do poke fun at any situation and there is not a line I wouldn’t cross. However, when it’s all said an done…Get Your Money! What do I care if people are successful? It doesn’t make or break anything in my life.

With that said, I have to disagree with the voters decision to make Justin Verlander this years AL MVP. While he is one of the top pitchers in Major League Baseball, I feel he is extremely over rated. Making him the MVP is not only a joke, but an insult to anyone who follows this sport. Here are a few bullet points you must consider before jumping on the Verland-wagon.

He Pitches in the American League Central

When I bring this argument up to the Verlander supporters it’s immediately countered with “what do you want him to do?!? that’s the league he pitches in, and he is dominating.” Listen, I NEVER once said he is not doing what he has to do. My argument was simply that he faces nobody all year. Let’s Examine the wins from late in the season to early (I am listing all appearances). We can also go deeper into opposing ball parks and opp BA, but here is the shortened version :

[AWAY]Oakland (74-88) Sub 500 ( 20th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]White sox (79-83) Sub 500 ( 18th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]Cleveland (80-92) Sub 500 (16th in the league in runs scored)
[Home] White sox (79-83) Sub 500 (18th in the league in runs scored)

[AWAY]Twins (63-99) Sub 500 (25th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]Rays (91-71) +500 (15th in the league in runs scored)
[Home]Twins (63-99) Sub 500 (25th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]Indians (80-92) Sub 500 (16th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]Royals (71-91) Sub 500 (10th in the league in runs scored)

[Home]Angels (86-76) + 500 (17th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]White Sox (79-83) Sub 500 ( 18th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]Twins (63-99) Sub 500 (25th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]Royals (71-91) Sub 500 (10th in the league in runs scored)

[Home]Mets (77-85) Sub 500 (12th in the league in runs scored)
[Home]Diamondbacks (94-68) +500 (9th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]Rockies (73-89) Sub 500 (8th in the league in runs scored)
[Home]Indians (80-92) Sub 500 (16th in the league in runs scored)
[Home]Mariners (67-95) +500 (30th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY]White sox (79-83) Sub 500 (18th in the league in runs scored)

[Home]Redsox (90-82) +500 (1st in the league in runs scored)
[Home]Rays (91-71) +500 (15th in the league in runs scored)
[Home]Royals (71-91) Sub 500 (10th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY] Blue Jays (81-81) +500 team (6th in the league in runs scored)

[Home]White Sox (79-83) sub 500 ( 18th in the league in runs scored)
[AWAY] Baltimore (69-93) sub 500 (14th in the league in runs scored)

Now looking at the above, does this by any stretch of the imagination look like a taxing bunch of games? 18 of the 24 wins in 2011 were against teams that could not win half of their games. That leaves 6 games against top flight offenses, only 1 in top 5. Granted, he beat the Rays and defeated the Redsox , but after the way you seen that team finish off the season by getting owned by Baltimore and the Tampa Bay Rays AAA team, Are you really surprised ? This guy hasn’t faced anyone. This combined with pitching about half the games at Comerica Park, which is historically known to be a pitcher’s paradise ( even still after the adjustments made to the ballpark a few years back). One could see how these factors could add up to quite the season for the veteran.

*please note* I am not going to sit here and say that I could prove that he wouldn’t have had this success in the AL East (although I love to scream it when I’m drunk at ballgames). With only a few game to use as a reference, I don’t feel there is enough evidence to back that point. Naysayers, could point to his wins against the AL East in 2011 and trump a discussion. However, I really do feel based on the offense from the Redsox and Yankees alone, an argument could be made. Facing both those ball clubs a handful of times a year can change a lot. Those two line-ups can make a pitcher go from dream season to slump with a swing of the bat.

Let’s also remember The Detroit Tigers had the number 4 offense in the league, which is why I find it funny that people say ” Not only would he have 24 wins he would probably have more with that Yankees or Red Sox offense” give it a break. The Tigers have a AL east Offense in a weak central.

How the FUCK can someone who is responsible for 1/5 of regular season games played receive an award over a position player who runs out there everyday ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Again.. the man has had an unbelievable season and deserves the Cy Young. But really MVP. Why? because of the low ERA against nobodys and the high win total against scrubs. Gimmie a break voters..

But then again, these are the same writers that called the 2011 Boston Redsox “The Greatest Team Ever” lol

Whatever man,


In Honor of Verlander Winning AL MVP, Here is a Video of Me Screaming at Him ForBeing Overrated


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Judge William Adams Beats his Daughter for Using the Internet [Warning- Hard to Watch]

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Congress has Declared War on the Internet


Many internet users in the United States have watched with horror as countries like France and Britain have proposed or instituted so-called “three strikes” laws, which cut off internet access to those accused of repeated acts of copyright infringement. Now the U.S. has its own version of this kind of law, and it is arguably much worse: the Stop Online Piracy Act, introduced in the House this week, would give governments and private corporations unprecedented powers to remove websites from the internet on the flimsiest of grounds, and would force internet service providers to play the role of copyright police.

To recap a bit of history, the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA is the House version of a previous bill proposed by the Senate, which was known as the PROTECT-IP Act (a name that was an abbreviation for “Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property”). That in turn was a rewritten version of a previous proposed bill that was introduced in the Senate last year. Not wanting to be outdone by their Senate colleagues when it comes to really long acronyms, the House version is also known as the E-PARASITE Act, which is short for “Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation.”
Copyright holders win, free speech and an open Internet lose

What it really is, however, is a disaster for the internet. As the Electronic Frontier Foundation notes in a post on the proposed legislation, the law would not only require ISPs to remove websites from the global network at the request of the government or the courts (by blocking any requests to the central domain-name system that directs internet traffic), but would also be forced to monitor their users’ behavior in order to police acts of copyright infringement. Providers who do not comply with these requests and requirements would be subject to sanctions. And in many cases, legal hearings would not be required. As Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) said of the PROTECT-IP Act:

At the expense of legitimate commerce, PIPA’s prescription takes an overreaching approach to policing the Internet when a more balanced and targeted approach would be more effective. The collateral damage of this approach is speech, innovation and the very integrity of the Internet.

In effect, the new law would route around many of the protections in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including the “safe harbor” provisions (a number of law professors have said that they believe the proposed legislation would be unconstitutional because it is a restraint on freedom of speech). The idea that ISPs and internet users can avoid penalties if they remove content once they have been notified that it is infringing, for example, wouldn’t apply under the new legislation — and anyone who provides tools that allow users to access blacklisted sites would also be subject to penalties.

In addition to using what some are calling the “internet death penalty” of removing infringing websites from the DNS system so they can’t be found, the proposed bill would also allow copyright holders to push for websites and services to be removed from search engine results and to have their supply of advertising cut off — and would require that payment companies like PayPal and ad networks comply with these orders. If you liked what PayPal and others did when they shut off donations to WikiLeaks, you’re going to love the new Stop Online Piracy Act.
Creating a firewall around the internet, just like China

According to Techdirt, which has been a vocal critic of the bill and its predecessors, the new legislation would create a “Great Firewall of America,” similar to the firewall that the Chinese government uses to keep its citizens from accessing certain websites and servers that it deems to be illegal. Techdirt’s Mike Masnick notes that the new bill actually expands the range of websites that could be targeted by the bill: the previous version referred to sites that were “dedicated to infringing activities” with no other obvious purpose, but the new law would allow the government to target any site that has “only limited purpose or use” other than infringement (by the government’s definition).

The bottom line is that if it passes and becomes law, the new act would give the government and copyright holders a giant stick — if not an automatic weapon — with which to pursue websites and services they believe are infringing on their content. With little or no requirement for a court hearing, they could remove websites from the internet and shut down their ability to be found by search engines or to process payments from users. DMCA takedown notices would effectively be replaced by this nuclear option, and innocent websites would have to fight to prove that they deserved to be restored to the internet — a reversal of the traditional American judicial approach of being assumed innocent until proven guilty — at which point any business they had would be destroyed.

That might make for the kind of internet that media and entertainment conglomerates would prefer, but it would clearly be a much diminished version of the internet we take for granted. Opponents of the bill have set up a website to try and convince voters to reject the legislation and tell their congressman not to support it. Embedded below is an interview that Senator Wyden did at the recent Web 2.0 Summit about his views on the PROTECT-IP Act and why it needs to be stopped:


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Five Yorkshire terriers, including four puppies offered for sale, were dognapped at gunpoint from a Koreatown home.

The home-invasion robbery was captured on video by the family’s home security system.

Detectives released the tapein hopes of apprehending the two robbers, who got away with puppies valued at $2,500 each and the family’s grown Yorkie, Tang-ja, said Lt. Paul Vernon of the Los Angeles Police Department.

“The family had advertised the Yorkshire terriers in a newspaper,” Vernon said. “It appears the suspects answered the ad, knowing the value of the puppies.”

Shortly before 10 p.m. Feb. 23, the two men came to the family’s home on Manhattan Place. When a woman opened the door, one of the men pointed a handgun at her and the robbers forced their way into the home.

Vernon said that once inside, the men ordered the family to lie on the floor while one robber grabbed the dogs.

“The video shows them walking up, forcing their way into the home, forcing the family onto the floor and then chasing the dogs to round them up,” Vernon said.

He said the robbers placed all five dogs in a black bag and then left in a silver car. No one was injured in the robbery, Vernon said, but the family is particularly upset about the loss of Tang-ja, who had been their pet for three years.

“This robbery is a good lesson to residents that soliciting buyers to one’s home can be a risky practice,” Vernon said.

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US Marine goes in on some cops in Time Square for the violence they have been inflicting on unarmed protestors. I think he has a point, but he seems to be looking for his 15 minutes as well. Check it out

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