Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama – One Of the Craziest Blow for Blow Matches I’ve Ever Seen

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Lil Wayne Has Run Out of F*cks to Give

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Demi Lovato Gets Owned by an X Factor Candidate

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Pictures from the Empire State Building Shooting ( GRAPHIC)


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Somebody Give this Dude His Guitars Back

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Dude Converts His Little Brother’s Room into a Little Girl’s Room as a Prank

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Drunk Driver Caught on Tape

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UFO Over 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

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Interview with a Cannibal

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Dramatic Response to a Question on Ryan Commission Report

Run down Very general run down. Basically for those of you not familiar with the situation. The catholic church had a mad amount of power in irish society, ran hospitals, schools, orphanages, basically everything bar the local pub. If your son became a priest it was a massive credit to your family and possibly even [...]

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