Mentally Challenged Man Viciously Attacked By A Bear At The Zoo

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Subway Flasher Messes with the Wrong Chick

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World Series Fight in McDonald’s After Giants vs Rangers

Imagine if you're starving and just trying to get a Number 1 with a back up nuggets as this is going on.. Fucking Maroon Cartoons.. smh Fake Beef.. I'm Loven It

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Troy Gentry Kills Tame a Bear and Lies

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Dying Girl, 7, Taunted by Neighbors in Trenton

TRENTON, Mich. – Her family says 7-year-old Kathleen Edward is in the final stages of a degenerative brain disorder diagnosed as Huntington’s Disease – the same disease which killed her mother, Laura, when she was only 24. Neighbors Jennifer and Scott Petkov, who have been feuding with the family, admitted to posting grim depictions of Laura and Kathleen on Facebook. One photo depicts Laura in the arms of the grim reaper, while the other features Kathleen’s face above a set of crossbones. The couple also have a coffin hitched to a pick-up truck in front of the house, which they say is nothing more than a halloween decoration. Click on the video player hear the Petkov’s admit to posting the photos and watch the full orignal story from FOX 2’s Ron Savage. NEW DEVELOPMENT: Play the second video in the story for an update from Fox 2’s Amy Lange to hear an apology made by Scott Petkov ( click here for Amy’s full story ) Police responded to the public feud Thursday, but no arrests were made. The big question: why would someone do this? Police tell Ron Savage they have been called to this street before, dealing with long-standing “family-feud” issues. A member of Kathleen’s family says the bad blood started about two-years ago after the two families had a falling out over a birthday party at the Rose house. At the party kids were using a “bounce-house” and playing games in the front yard. The source says that Jennifer Petkov texted someone in the Rose family, asking if her kids could come to the event. A response to the text did not come quickly enough and it angered Jennifer. According to the Rose family, she’s been harassing them ever since. A rally for Kathleen Edward has been planned for Saturday, Oct. 23 from 3 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at Haas Park in Trenton. The invitation reads: “She has been tormented by sadistic neighbors. Please come and join us in showing Kathleen there are good people that care.” Move ahead to see the Apology […]

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The Whole Tyler Clementi Story in AC’s words (Picture Form)

This Kid liked dudes on the low. He was just probably trying to get through college without anyone knowing- pretending to like chicks, and maybe reluctantly even touch a few tits. This Indian Fuck-wad, was his roommate who probably got little to no play with girls.. He most likely got fucked up in high school [...]

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Lame Hipster Fight

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Wedding Photographer and Camera Man Fight, Russia

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Girl Punches Friend In The Face When Their X-Factor Singing Audition Flops

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WOW! Car Hits a Man on a Bicycle Going 90

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