My Little Pony Centipede


Why would somebody make this ? Why ?

NEW 2012 My little Pony customed to look like The HUMAN CENTIPEDE!:THIS IS NOT A TOY. It is a decorative art display and not intended for children. Please allow 1-2 weeks per delivery. This item may differ from final product due to the fact it is made on demand.:::


Murmansk in Motion


Murmansk in motion from Alexander Bergan on Vimeo.

Electrical Outlet Stickets


If you enjoy unexpected whimsy (and who doesn’t), you’ll appreciate this sheet of stickers specifically tailored for your electrical outlets. Turn your outlet into a dog, give it a pair of glasses or a beard, and turn something exceedingly ordinary into a smile-inducing feature. Each sticker is printed on glossy vinyl and is sure to make guests do a double-take.

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Gotta Catch Em All Shirt

Gotta-Catch-Em-All RARE

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Stop Motion: Hudson – Against The Grain


“The new music video for ‘Against The Grain’ from emerging Melbourne indie-folk artist Hudson sees him collaborate with film maker/animator/VJ Dropbear (aka Jonathan Chong), producing a vibrant and colourful clip based around a mainstay from our humble artistic efforts throughout childhood – coloured pencils.”

Wipe T-Shirt


These curving stripes are designed to look like the car wiper, either the top “stripe” or the bottom built-in microfiber cloth can be utilized for your phone or glasses. Top = microfiber cloth is the 1st or top strip, good for giving your phone a good shine. Bottom = microfiber cloth is the 3rd or bottom stripe, perfect for wiping your glasses. The Fift’s wipe T-shirt is priced 6,300 JPY (about $81), on sale here.
“Type [top] has three stripes and the top stripe is a microfiber cloth, so you can give your mob a good shine. Likewise, type [bottom] has three stripes, but it is in a different location of a microfiber cloth from [top]. The bottom stripe is a microfiber cloth, so you can give your glasses a good shine. ”


Dustin Spagnola’s “Obama as George Bush” Graffiti

bush obama mask RARE

Artist Website

Banksy Flower Thrower Halloween Costume

banksy flower thrower costume

Who the FUCK Would Wear this H&M Shirt ?!?!

H&M shirt RARE

Play Me ?? Really ?? haha

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Noses


Some dude made a blog where he draws turtle noses on celebrities. That is all.


Marge Simpson Banana Sculpture


Japanese artist y_yamaden carved this Marge Simpson sculpture out of a banana

Brilliant Typographic Adhesive Tape Installations

18character1-popup RARE

For the New York Times Magazine article “What if the Secret to Success Is Failure?”, advertising studio Doyle Partners created wonderful adhesive tape/typographic installations. But the making of videos are even better (see “Cipher” and “In the Gym”).