Dope Rango Art

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Creative Stained Glass [Iron Man, Mega Man ETC]

These stained glass panels by artist R. Evan Daniels of Martian Glass Works are available on Etsy. They are superhero and video game themed. SOURCE

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Crazy Eyeball Tat


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Some Serious Photoshop Skills

Damn son

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“Simple And Complex” an Art Documentary (Shot by Dreams)

Simple And Complex Shot by Dreams Simple and Complex is the story of Artist and experiences Across the WORLD. You can express yourself through any form of Art thats what we wanna show you . . . Follow Dreams Here

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Turning a Jaw Breaker

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2: IN LEGO

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Never Stop by Brooklyn Theory

Niceee.. SOURCE

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TMNT Stop Motion Intro

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The Iguana Hair Cut

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